Hidden in plain sight. Dangerous substances in processed foods.

March 3rd, 2017|Healthy Lifestyle|

I like writing about the things that are good to eat.  Where Nigerian food is concerned, this covers most of our traditional foods.  It's much more fun working with those things, I get to cook

Draw-Soup, Unsung Hero of the Nigerian Diet

February 17th, 2017|Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss|

Increasing numbers of Nigerians are suffering from conditions and diseases connected with diet; hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and atherosclerosis, as well as certain types of cancer.  The number of overweight and clinically obese Nigerians is

Series: A Nigerian diet perspective of various fad diets. – Part 1: Paleo Diet.

February 8th, 2017|Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss|

Any change that sees you paying attention to what you eat after a period (or a lifetime) of “eating anyhowly” will probably yield results. Any regulation is better than none.  I’ve seen people adopt a

Breakfast, the most important meal, myth or magic?

February 1st, 2017|Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss|

Muesli with flax-seed and banana. “Eat your breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day!”  I can still hear my parents’ voices, telling me this.  I’ve never been a fan of breakfast;

The Nigerian Vegan or Vegetarian

January 24th, 2017|Food Enjoyment, Healthy Lifestyle|

In the voice of Sir Richard Attenborough, “Hidden in the vast cities of the Nigerian landscape, you can find the rare, endangered, Nigerian vegan.  Almost as rare, but less endangered is the diasporan Nigerian vegan,

Exercise and the Nigerian Lifestyle.

January 19th, 2017|Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss|

Exercise is great but it doesn’t have to look like exercise and it doesn’t have to involve great strain or other ‘gra-gra’. I was once an athletic youth. I played competitive basketball until I was