It is always my intention to move clients from one level of service down to the next as soon as possible. My ultimate goal is to teach you not to need me.


  1. Serious health intervention support. –Monthly Fee £150/$200/€180/₦75K
  • Diet analysis.
  • Custom eating plan tailored to each individual’s needs and tastes.
  • Close monitoring (includes blood glucose and BP levels), up to daily checks if necessary.
  • Fine-tuning of eating plan based on monitoring results.
  1. Virtual Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. — Monthly Fee £50/$65/€60/₦25K
  • Weekly monitoring, diet analysis and custom eating plan tailored to each individual’s needs and tastes.
  • Activity level advice and support
  1. Weight Loss Coaching Graduate Aftercare. Monthly Retainer £20/$25/€22/₦10K
  • This is a new service level I have introduced.  I have a number of clients who are reluctant to let go and carry on without my support after they have achieved their weight, health or fitness goals.  It’s not that I mind the fees, far from it but I would like to make space for new clients.  At this service level, I am still ‘on call’ and will continue to advise as and when needed and will schedule a monthly check whether needed or not.
  1. Healthy cooking lessons.
  • In the comfort of your own kitchen, with familiar utensils and implements.
  • Learn to modify old favourites for maximum health benefit.
  • Learn tips and tricks to maximise flavour while you reduce use of artificial additives and salt.
  • Get hands-on experience of healthy portion sizes for adults and children.
  • Receive guidance on food provenance and best shopping practice.
  • Not restricted to Nigerian food

If you would like to discuss any of these or a different health-coaching requirement, please use this form to make initial contact: