Sometimes, it’s all about enjoying your food.

Wetin you dey drink?

I love this job.  Writing about food is fun, largely because to do it well, I must carry out ‘investigations and explorations’.**  I’m currently working on an article about eating out in Nigerian restaurants so

Healthy Barbecues for Nigerians.

Today, I’m writing about one of my favourite subjects, barbecues!  Nigerians love barbecues!  For obvious reasons, I have to make this an article about healthier ways to enjoy barbecues, but that’s not a bad thing.

‘Good Enough’ – The 64% principle.

Not everybody is trying to lose (or gain) weight.  There are quite a few people who are happy at the weight they are. They just want to maintain this status quo.  I have a number

The Nigerian Vegan or Vegetarian

In the voice of Sir Richard Attenborough, “Hidden in the vast cities of the Nigerian landscape, you can find the rare, endangered, Nigerian vegan.  Almost as rare, but less endangered is the diasporan Nigerian vegan,

The Nigerian Party-Animal’s Survival Guide

Picture Credit: SHW Photography ( We capture moments ) (Samuel O Homer-Williams) “A party without jollof is a meeting.” Nigerian parties are the best! We like to feed our guests until they can