Articles and tips about losing weight on a Nigerian diet.

Series: A Nigerian diet perspective of various fad diets. – Part 1: Paleo Diet.

Any change that sees you paying attention to what you eat after a period (or a lifetime) of “eating anyhowly” will probably yield results. Any regulation is better than none.  I’ve seen people adopt a

Breakfast, the most important meal, myth or magic?

Muesli with flax-seed and banana. “Eat your breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day!”  I can still hear my parents’ voices, telling me this.  I’ve never been a fan of breakfast;

Exercise and the Nigerian Lifestyle.

Exercise is great but it doesn’t have to look like exercise and it doesn’t have to involve great strain or other ‘gra-gra’. I was once an athletic youth. I played competitive basketball until I was

New Year’s Resolutions

After the party As we scrub out the pot that held Christmas stew, and pack away bottles and the bones we did chew, our thoughts turn to waistlines that we once knew. So

Does a Nigerian diet make people fat?

Fat is the human body’s insurance policy against hard times.  A body will naturally turn surplus energy from eaten food into fat stores. One would imagine that this would mean that by simply ensuring one

What’s wrong with our (Nigerian) diet?

Fundamentally, not much.  We eat vegetables, meat, fish, pulses, grains, tubers and fruit. Most of our food is eaten as nature intended, with minimal processing. In this, we are ahead of the Western world where